Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Cut The Rope 2 Roars with Over 400 Million Downloads for Holiday's Release

If you were amazed and entertained by “Cut the Rope: Experiments” and “Cut the Rope: Time Travel” being played on your mobile phones, then you will surely be more entertained with the newest version of the game, the one they called “Cut the Rope 2” which is scheduled for release this Holiday Season of 2013, more likely on iOS and Android devices. 

Zepto Lab, the one who developed the game and introduced it on mobile phones, claimed that its newest franchise exceeded more than 400million downloads worldwide and it might even increase as time goes by. The total number of downloads is also equal to around 60million active monthly users during the first half of this year. More to that, the players of Cut the Rope also snipped approximately 60billion ropes at a speed of 42,000 ropes in just a matter of one minute, reaching around 20billion pieces of candy falling into Om Nom's mouth. You are probably one of these millions of players worldwide enjoying the game. 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Candy Crush Saga Cheats and Tips

Candy Crush Saga is the latest craze among Facebook’s online games and many Facebook users are going crazy about it. Millions of Facebook users are probably hooked in this very exquisite and enticing game that they tend to download it even in their iPhones and iPads

Mind you, this game is totally addictive that once you started playing it, you just can’t stop and you tend to ask for extra lives from your friends to move on to the next rounds. It was really observed that after playing a couple of minutes of Candy Crush Saga, people are becoming hopelessly addicted to the game. 

The mechanics of the game is actually simple because you’ll just have to match three puzzler features of deliciously looking candies but while you go deeper into the game, you’ll have to think of better strategies because there are obstacles and tricks in every level. Mind you, the game is a bit tricky because you have to surpass every stage which has different goals. However, you don’t have to worry because we will be giving you some Candy Crush Saga tips and cheats for you to surpass every level. 

Learning Some Cheats and Tips for Candy Crush Saga
  •  Matching more than three candies is awesome! We all know that matching three candies is great, but matching more than three is definitely amazing! Matching more than three candies could allow you to boost your score and it can even generate into a special candy which has incredible powers. With this, I suggest you to combine special candies for screen-clearing effects. 
  • Next, you should keep a close eye on number of turns. You only have a few and specific number of turns to complete a stage so you must keep tabs on it at all times and you should also consider that number with each turn. 
  • Also, do not waste your turns. You must reach a certain number of points in order for you to beat a puzzle so if the remaining piece of jelly is on the lower left corner of a gigantic puzzle, do not waste turns by matching candies on the top right.
  • Remember always the Jelly doesn't move. During the jelly-themed levels, the actual jelly blocks cannot be moved so what you can only do is to maneuver the different pieces of candy. Putting different candies in place are the best possible ways for you to remove the jelly. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Despicable Me Fever Leads Minion Rush to Reach 50 Million Downloads

iPad and iPhone users all over the world are seemingly enjoying the “Despicable Me: Minion Rush” this past few weeks that it helped the game reach and top the list as it reaches 50 million downloads today. Right now, the Minion rush is making it as the most downloaded free iPad app in most countries. 

Just recently, Gameloft announced that Minion Rush game has reach a number of 50 million download to sum up all the downloads from all over the world. 

"We are proud to have brought all the fun, humor and mischief of the film into this original game, said Gonzague De Vallois, Senior Vice-President Publishing at Gameloft. "Despicable Me: Minion Rush is a huge success for Gameloft, Universal and Illumination alike, and we are thrilled that our players have put so much support behind this franchise!"

With this, Gameloft has decided to put some updates on Minion Rush, making it more enjoyable and lovable. The first updated that they have put up is a full new environment and they call it “El Macho’s Lair” and this includes the film’s new villain El Macho and the purple Evil Minions. 

Another new update that you will notice in the game is the new costumes for the Minions. New challenges were also incorporated in the game with more than 150 new missions and achievements to be looked forward. 

Cheats and Tips for Plants vs Zombies 2

I know most of you are already excited to play Plants vs Zombies 2 on you mobile phones since release in late summer, iPads and iPhones, but I’m sorry to say that PVZ 2 is just currently available on the Australian and New Zealand App Stores. However, the rest of us should not be worried because we will surely get hold and enjoy this zombie-cracking game before summer is over. Now, if you are lucky enough to be able to play the game right now, I bet these cheats and tips will be very useful to you. 

In Plants vs Zombies 2 it's about time, you will be able to encounter some special survival stages that you haven’t seen and tried on the original one. In here, you must keep in mind that it is important for you to stay on your toes and throw the randomly offered object into the most pressing lane. Meanwhile, if you are given one defensive tool, you must put it in a lane that doesn't have any firepower attached to it yet. However, if it is an offensive unit, put it in the lane that has the most pressing incoming threat. In this way, you will easily get over in one level and another. 

You must also remember to keep at least three sunflowers in every level for you to be able to buy some items, but do not focus more on this. Instead, alternate between planting sunflowers and planting offensive plants and other defensive items for you to survive the level. You must also make use of the Potato Mine in each stage because aside from being cheap, it is also very useful while you wait and build your defenses. The Wall Nut is also very useful since it keeps zombies at bay and allows you to have little more time to get your lawn in order. 

Sprinkle Cheats and Tips: Enjoying Sprinkle on iPhone iPad and Android

New games are being developed for mobile phones, most especially on iPhones, iPads and Android phones and the newest of which is the game “Sprinkle” that most kids really enjoy. In just a few months after its release as a free-to-play title, Sprinkle has already shoot up the Apple store charts and more to that, it has also instantly became an essential download for any physics puzzle fan. 

It was just around a year ago when we first knew about this game but when the year 2013 began, we have realized that we all got hooked to Sprinkle. This fire-fighting game is so enjoyable. If you have missed the fun and you haven’t started to play it, here are some Sprinkle cheats and tips for you to enjoy a game wherein you put out more ferocious fires. 

The first thing that you must make more importance is the Sprinkle. All you need to do is to simply hold down on its tip for you to change the height of your fire fighting device and then move your finger up and down to regulate the water coming out. You can also change the angle of the water flow by placing your finger anywhere to the right of the fire engine then moving it around to readjust the direction of the nozzle. 

Next, you don’t have to rush to pump out as much water as possible on the early part of the game because you might run out of water on the most critical part of fighting fire. You’ll have to make every last drop of the water count if especially when the levels get harder. You will be able to use the right amount of water for each individual blaze when you fire hone your hose into its right position then turn on the juice. 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Plants vs Zombies 2 Launching Postponed Until Late Summer

Many people are already hooked in playing Plants vs Zombies even before it came out on mobile phones and in social networking sites such as Facebook as one of its online games. A lot of new games has probably been tried and forgotten, but Facebook never really faded and many people, old or young, still gets hooked and finds Plants vs Zombies a lot of fun to play. Thus, when they heard that a newer version of the game is about to come out this month, most of them got excited to try it. However, most recent news came out about Plants vs. Zombies 2: It’s About Time to be launched later on summer instead of this month. 

PoPCap Games announced that they still need a little more time to prepare for Plants vs Zombies 2 which was first announced to be released this 18th day of July. "We're sorry for the delay, but want to make sure the game lives up to fans' expectations," reads a follow-up tweet.

Instead of July 18, the sequel will still arrive late in the summer, probably around August. It is said to be released first on Apple products and the original Plants vs Zombies will still be out while you wait for the newer version. Aside from the “It’s About Time” version, PoPCap is also developing what they call Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare wherein it will not just be enjoyed by one player but many players. This Garden Warfare is a multiplayer game which will exclusively launch first on Xbox consoles in Spring 2014 and then PC and other platforms on a later date. Tune in for more details of Plants vs. Zombies 2!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Disney Promotes New Mobile Game “Where’s My Mickey?”

Many people, most especially kids, really fancy Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and the rest. No wonder most of these kids also love to play Disney games because of the seeing their favorite Disney characters and playing on them. But among all Disney characters, Mickey Mouse is probably the favorite of all. 

Talking about their love to Mickey Mouse, Disney Interactive thought of a better idea on how to make them enjoy Mickey more on a new Disney game for mobile phones. Just recently, Disney Interactive announced that they have developed their newest mobile game entitled “Where’s My Mickey?”, a new Mickey-based game which uses the same style of physics-puzzler gameplay and is based around the classic characters we know and love such as Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse, Daisy, Goofy, Mickey herself and a lot more. This new Disney mobile game is said to be available for iOS, Android phones and even Mobile phones. 

The players will surely enjoy this “Where’s My Mickey?” game since it is going to be available in hundred levels. Each of the episodes will be themed around a story of Mickey or his friends in their attempts to get water. There is also one episode were Mickey runs a lemonade stand while there’s the other one called Ship Wrecked which can be bought as DLC at launch, along with a Goofy-themed episode called Van Goofy. See, you can really enjoy a lot of episodes in this new Disney game. All you need to do is to install it on your mobile phones.